Child Clearance Coaches Information

View the information you need as a coach regarding child abuse clearances in the state of Pennsylvania.

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  1. Child Abuse Clearance

    The online Child Abuse Clearance site requires you to create an account and submit your request electronically. Results will be emailed/mailed (your choice when registering) to you within 14 days of submission.  You also have the option of completing this process using a paper application and US mail.
  2. PA State Police Clearance – PA State Police Criminal Background Check

    The State Police clearance is available solely online and you will get instant results.
  3. FBI Clearance (if required) – The FBI Clearance requires that you register only to be fingerprinted. Once you have completed the registration process, you go to a Cogent fingerprinting site for the fingerprinting process. At the conclusion of the fingerprinting process, you will be given a “tracking number.” The tracking number must be submitted to Pa Odyssey of the Mind. Federal law prohibits access by you to the FBI results. If you have lived only in the state of Pennsylvania for the last 10 years, you have the option of filling out this FBI Disclosure instead of doing the FBI Clearance above.